The 1st Era

The Age of Beginnings

When Gods Walked Amongst.

When Vorel, first born of Io, pierced the Light; Shadow and Life merged with Light and Death. She fell upon the awakened world, her body and soul burned from the transition. Her blood spilled upon the planet, and thus was awoken men and beast.

The first created by her was Nerrul, whose new-made heart cracked asunder in Sorrow, and he passed onto the worlds beyond, claming the realms of Death as his own. Boccob formed from the arcane power expelled by her death, and for a while was the greatest of Vorel’s children. Obed-Hai arose from the grounds her blood fertilized. Pelor and Hextor arose from her soul, light and dark paragons of her adventurous and martial nature.

Those and more were created through the death of Vorel, and beasts beside.

In time, Bahamut and Tiamat (fearing their Sire’s wrath) escaped to the world as well, and seeing the creations created from their sisters death, continued the work of spawning creation. Dozens of gods and hundreds of species arose from them, and because no common accord could be reached, an eternal battle spawned. Tiamat coveted her brothers power, and Bahamut scorned his sisters petty and cruel nature. The children of Vorel could not stand long between them.

In time, Bahamut’s kin and champions rose to champion the Light discovered by Vorel, while Tiamat extolled the darkness they had left behind. Hextor and Pelor faded in time, unable to draw strength to stand against Dragon-Gods still living. Boccob fell, and his power spread through the creations of Bahamut and Tiamat, including Corellon and Lloth.

The mortal races came and died in quick succession. In time, a few of them began to channel the power of gods, the Divine, and Arcane. Champions from the races arose, Asmodeus, Moradin, Kord, Gruumsh, Bane and others. They fought to free the world from the devastation the Draconics laid bare, and succeeded in time- though they compounded the problem for many generations before.

Once the gods and godlings had been driven near all from the world, two final sacrificed themselves to secure the world of mortals from their return. Avandra and Ioun, change and knowledge, forged their power together and created the Planar Seal, which even today stands strong against the power of the gods who would return.

The 1st Era

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