The Children of Moradin are interested in 2 things. Amassing large fortunes and making some beautiful weapons with which to stab into the face of their enemies.

Most Dwarves live in Khuzdul, their ancient Mountain Homelands. A few centuries ago some broke off and headed south. Two reasons caused this splinter. One, there were twin sons of a Dwarven King- which NEVER happens, and because they couldn’t tell a difference between them, they couldn’t really say which one was spose to be his Heir. The second was that Orcs and Goblins were spreading from their homelands to the main continent and needed a good ass kicking.

In the end they rolled a dice and the loser headed south with a few thousand Dwarves who were sick of living in a damned mountain, forging all day.

Eventually, the son founded the Principality of Duroin


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