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The Holidays are over….

Sorry for the delays on my end (not really). Had a super busy holiday/vacation from work/the internet. Now that I’m back on the job, the road, and all that nonsense… It’s time to kick it back into gear. Expect responses/prompts tomorrow. I’ll be reading over backgrounds in the next day as well, so yeah. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I did. Really sort of… appreciated my family for the first time in….. well, this is getting maudlin….

-Rem. 12/26/13

The World of Syrril is Back!

In this new adventure, brought to you by Rem, heroes and villains will face off to see whether good or evil will triumph.

The Alliance of Dark Gods rules most of the known world. The scattered Remnants of the Nerwood Elves, Bahavian Knights, and Eladrin Mage-Lords run, hide, or cower in the hopes of simply surviving. Can new allies be found? Will old enemies be brought together? Can anything stop the Tiefling, Dragonborn, and Drow hordes from reshaping this world as they desire?

You tell me.

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Syrril's Dawn

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